Little Osmo Grads

June 13, 2019
My little guy is a TK graduate and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I love watching him grow, but time could definitely slow down a little for my emotions to catch up. 😉 

Luke and I had fun spending the morning playing with one of his favorite games from @playosmo. And I wanted to share because they have a sale going on now for Osmo Detective Agency and Osmo Pizza Co.

These games are definitely big hits with my boys and I love all things Osmo. It is easily one of the best companies I have found and I feel so fortunate that my boys can learn and grow with Osmo. I actually have a game in my cart as I type this for an upcoming birthday, that’s how much we love these products. Head on over to their instagram page to check out their sale.

Congratulations to all the grads out there... whether it be TK, Kinder, Middle School, High School or College we are sending you all BIG CONGRATS. 🎓 Just remember to take it easy on your parents as we all try to catch up with our emotions during these milestones. 🥰

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