January 27, 2020
EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! That's exactly what my boys would tell anyone about Legoland California. It is hands down their favorite place to go, besides Grandma's house of course. 😉 Legoland has so much to offer families and I wanted to share a few of our favorite things to do besides the fun rides.

First up and always our first stop in the park is signing up for the Lego Mindstorms classes. When you walk in the park, head to the right past The Big Store and the Lego Ninjago area. The first door on your right will often times have someone standing outside with a clipboard. This is where you can sign up your child who is in 3rd grade or above to take a fun 45 minute class where they control a robot that can maneuver and perform the tasks they give it. The most recent one my boys have done is space themed. They love this class!

Just down from the Lego Mindstorms class is Gamespace in the Imagination Zone and it is a room filled with Lego video games. Always a fun little stop on our trip around the park.

Across from this building is multiple rooms with Legos for the kids to build and play with. One of the rooms has a bunch of tables and another favorite of ours which is the earthquake simulator. My boys love building a Lego creation and then turning on the simulator to see if their building will survive the earthquake. This is a fun place to hang out or take a little break on the warmer days. Every time we go to Legoland Linkin spells out his name in Lego's somewhere. So if you happen to be there and see his name, chances are it was him. 😉

The Lego City 4D movie is always something my boys want to go to, even though they have seen it multiple times. The Officer in Pursuit is funny and exciting and the 4D effects are so much fun. If you are wondering why you might see a Lego character in a Hot Dog costume, this movie will help you understand. 😎

The boys with their friend Braden from Cheers Party of 4. Go check out their adventures. 

Did you know you can dig for Dinosaur Bones at Legoland? When you walk in the gates and go to your left, there is a big sand area next to the first roller coaster in Explorer Island. They have a few buckets and shovels and lots of giant fossils for you to dig up. It is another favorite activity my kids enjoy when we spend our days at Legoland. Plus, it is a great hands on addition to any lessons regarding the Prehistoric Era and Paleontology.

Dune Raiders is a fun slide that the kids can race down 6 at a time. It can often be missed because of the fun little rides in this area, but it is definitely a big hit with my boys. You can find the slides in between the carnival type games in the Land of Adventure.

A definite favorite for my boys is the big wooden play area in the back of the park. Hideaways can be found in Castle Hill and has slides, ropes, ladders, tunnels and more. It is always tough to get my boys to leave this area. If I let them, they would probably stay here for the whole day. 😋
(I know I have pictures of this area, so I will add them later when I find them.)

The Build & Test Lego building where you can build and race your own Lego car. You can also create your own mini figures in this building as well. This is just after you pass the Lego Driving School but before the entrance to the Legoland Waterpark.

The Lego Duplo Play Area is a must! This is the area you can see across the water when you first walk into the park. You can go right or left to walk around the water to this area that is up the hill. It has cute little houses the kids can play in with slides and legos and mazes and more. The last time we went the boys kept asking to go to the houses. We headed up that way when I knew Ledger was getting ready for his nap. I sat with Ledger while he slept and the boys played at the houses in front of me. It was the perfect place because they have benches and big shades up so Ledger and I were cool and comfortable while his big brothers played for a good hour before he woke up and joined them. We probably stayed for another hour after that too. Lol! Don't forget to take a ride on the cute little Legoland Express train before you leave this area.

Lego Miniland is always fun to explore from Las Vegas to New York and of course the White House. You can easily use this area for a fun addition to your child's learning. There are shaded grass areas where you can sit and have a snack or maybe even bring a worksheet or art supplies and use these awesome Lego creations surrounding you for inspiration.

Last, but certainly not least, Lego Minifigure trading. My boys are obsessed. If you are planning a trip to Legoland, be sure to bring some Lego minifigures from home so you can trade them throughout the park with the employees. If you forget to bring yours or you want to get some new ones, there are multiple locations throughout the park where you can build your own or buy the mystery grab bags with different themes with characters from Disney, Marvel and more. My boy's would be happy just walking around the park and trading all day.

There are even more fun little spots to share, but I will have to do a part 2 to add all of those. And of course the Legoland Waterpark & the Lego Sea Life Aquarium, but those I will save for another day too because there is so much fun stuff to share about them.

I get asked quite a bit about Legoland and I will always recommend it to anyone with kids who is planning to visit Southern California or maybe wanting some ideas for school field trips or homeschool adventures. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or let me know your favorite things about Legoland. If we have missed anything, we would love to know so we can check it out the next time we are lucky enough to go.

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