Code Ninjas

February 26, 2020

If you asked your kids what they want to be, what would they say? Well, mine now tell me they want to be Code Ninjas and I'll tell you why. Code Ninjas is a place that teaches classes and summer camps in coding. My kids had a blast building their own video games while learning coding, math, logic and problem-solving skills. They had incredible Senseis (teachers) as they are called at Code Ninjas and were laughing, smiling and fully engaged the entire time. 

Their core program is for kids ages 7-14. They can build awesome video games and develop ninja coding skills on the path from white belt to black belt. The kids learn to code at their own pace through engaging game-based curriculum. 

The kids get a Code Ninjas band that they scan when they arrive and it has all of their hours and progress online for parents to see. The best part is that the program is drop in which means you can bring your child at your convenience during any of their weeknight and weekend student hours. 

I loved the sign by the door and that they keep the room distraction free during the classes. (Ignore the special blocks on the floor they brought out for Ledger since I was trying to learn about their awesome program). 😉  

The boys were so engaged and focused the entire time working on creating their games. 

Showing me the games they created during their class. They were able to tell me all about the process that they learned and showed me how they play their game too. 

There are so many great learning tools and games for the kids. Luke is only 5, so he had a completely different and wonderful experience that was perfect for his age. They offer JR coding for kids ages 5-9 with a fun and completely visual curriculum. Here are some of the fun things he got to learn and work on.  

These are some other fun options for learning coding as your child levels up.

They offer fun Summer Camps, contests for kids to submit the games they have created, Parent's Night Out, Coding Bootcamp and more. Check with each individual location to see what fun things they have to offer your family. 

One more thing worth mentioning is the lobby area. They have two little tables with unique building blocks for the kids to create their own figures. This is perfect for younger siblings while the older ones are in class and as parent with a little one, I really appreciate little things like this. 

My boys finished their class and didn't want to leave, so we stayed for a little bit and they built some creative figures. Behind them on the wall is their belt system which is similar to the belt levels for Karate. When kids master a certain level they move up on the color wall all the way up to black belt. They even do a special little ceremony for the kids when they move up. How cute is that?!

I can not say enough good things about this program and the staff at Code Ninjas in Chino Hills. My boys loved every minute and have asked to go back every day since. They haven't stopped talking about it and keep asking me if I have signed them up yet, which I will definitely be doing because they love it! Thank you Code Ninjas and see you soon! 😉

There are multiple locations throughout Southern California. The newest location for Code Ninjas is located at 4511 Chino Hills Pkwy Suite E Chino Hills, CA 91709. They are open Monday-Friday from 3pm-8pm and Saturdays from 10am-3pm. Phone number: (909) 536-2633


OC Bubble Pop

February 24, 2020

Ever wonder what it would be like in a giant bubble? 
Well just head over to OC Bubble Pop and find out! 😉 

We had so much fun meeting up with some of our friends from the OC Mommy Blogger Tribe at Bubble Pop in Orange County. 

Be sure to check out these beautiful moms adventures with their adorable little ones. (from left to right) socalfunfamily  happiestjenonearth  Monicaplus_2  southoc_moms  thecoolhipmom

Here are some of our highlights from our day at Bubble Pop in Tustin.

They have so many interactive stations to explore including the bubble power, creating a bubble tower, getting inside a bubble, mad bubble party, and dry ice bubbles. 

Landon and Linkin loved trying to put each other in a giant bubble. 
We even did slow motion videos of it and it looked awesome! You can see those videos on our Instagram page.

Luke wanted to video tape himself inside the giant bubble. He was so excited!

They have a giant snow globe that you can go inside of that gives you the feeling of being in a giant bubble. 
Just be cautious if you go in with 4 silly little boys like I did. 
You never know what shenanigans might happen. 😆

Ledger loved the Giant Rubber Ducky and bubble machine that blew hundreds of bubbles all around the room.

 Bubble Pop is located in The District at Tustin Legacy. 
2475 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 
Phone number: (949) 529-8078

 My boys could easily spend a few hours here and they never want to leave. 
Thanks for having us Bubble Pop... 
We will definitely be back to play again soon!


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