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March 10, 2020

This past weekend I tried something new with some of my mommy blogger friends. I was invited to a DIY wood sign workshop and I have to say I am so excited with how my creation turned out. I am not a crafty person at all, but at Board and Brush Creative Studio in Lake Forest I totally felt like a Pinterest mom. 

I have been wanting to have a sign made with my boys names and birthdays on it... I just never thought I would be the one to create it. At Board and Brush you don't need any previous crafting or wood working experience. They provide all the materials and the guidance you need to create your own beautiful personalized sign. 

When you sign up for your workshop, you can choose from any of their beautiful designs. When I saw this option, I knew it was the perfect one for me to make. 

When you arrive, your table is set up with your project pieces laid out for you. The stencil stickers are already printed with the information you provided when you signed up online and chose your design.  

But first, cheers to sweet friends and creating our own masterpieces!

I had no idea what I was doing, but the instructors at Board and Brush walked us through every step of the process. They are very hands on when you need help and are so patient for people like me that are first timers with DIY projects.

They first guided us through distressing, sanding and staining our wood.

Then we added the backing to keep the individual boards together.

Next up was laying our stencils on the board and peeling them. After they were placed where we wanted them, we selected our paint colors and began painting the words. Then we peeled up the stencil and would use a small razor like tool to touch up or peel away any extra paint spots or sticker pieces that were left behind.


An extra little note I wanted to mention is that one of our friends was unable to attend the workshop at the last minute. The instructors were so great in helping complete it so that we could take her beautiful sign home to her. They were so very kind and helpful with everything. 

They even have a bar menu if you would like to enjoy a beverage while working on your masterpiece. Because of this, the studio is 21+ at all times. The moscato was delicious in case anyone is looking for a sweet recommendation. 

These beautiful ladies are from 3 different mommy blogger tribe's. You can find each of their pages here from left to right: @Chrystincooks,, @Monicaplus_2,

My sign is so special to me and I can not wait to hang it up in our house. I showed it to my boys when I came home and they said, "Wow mommy you did a great job!" That was the icing on the cake after having a great moms night out with friends and pushing myself to try something new. Thank you so much to Board and Brush Lake Forest for having us and making this experience one that I will not forget. I can't wait to come back again and create another masterpiece!

Board and Brush offers workshops as well as private parties, bridal showers, corporate events and fundraisers.

For anyone who would like to check out the workshops at Board and Brush in Lake Forest, click here for their website.

Their address is 25432 Trabuco Rd #104 Lake Forest, CA 92630 



And if you are not in the Lake Forest area, just head to the Board and Brush website to find one of their 272 locations across the U.S. and Canada that is near you.

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