Onward Movie IMAX Screening

March 11, 2020

We were invited to a special IMAX screening of Disney Pixar's Onward this past weekend and had so much fun! When we arrived we saw GWNIVER, the van from the movie, and were able to check out all the awesome details inside and take pictures. The boys had fun dressing up as the characters from the movie... Can you tell who each of us are?

The kids got to take pictures in front of a green screen holding the magic staff. Then they printed their pictures and put them in a frame for the kids to take home. The kids loved this! 

Watching the movie in the IMAX theater was awesome. What an incredible way to watch a movie! Onward is about 2 brothers who are gifted a magic staff from their dad once they are both at least 16 years of age. This includes a magic spell that will bring their dad back for 24 hours so he can meet his boys because he passed away when their mom was pregnant with the 2nd son. Half way through the magic spell the crystal shatters, so the dad is only half of himself (pants and shoes). The brothers spend the movie going on a quest to find another magic gem that will help them complete the spell and finally be able to meet their dad face to face.

It is a movie full of emotion, so be prepared to shed a few tears at the end. Overall it is very well done and kept my older two on the edge of their seats the whole time. Luke (my younger son) had a few times he got scared and buried his head in me, but overall he said he liked the movie too.  

I love that Disney/Pixar did a movie that focuses on the bond between brothers. As a boy mom, this was a special movie for me to see with my boys. 

After the movie there was delicious food and treats, good music and airbrush tattoos. We had so much fun hanging out with our friends... @EverleighMcDonell, mom and grandma.

One our way out we had to stop and take some more fun pictures with Gwniver.

We had such a fun day and are excited that the movie is now out for everyone to enjoy! Have you seen Disney Pixar's Onward yet?

Thank you @imax for inviting us. And a special thanks to @luckydogentertainment and @ctandco for including us in this special early screening of Onward.

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