Zo Zo Zombie

April 19, 2020
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Anyone else's kids obsessed with Zombies? It seems like every game my boys play ends up being about Zombies. Just yesterday we were playing tag in the front yard and whenever you got tagged you turned into a Zombie. I had 5 zombies stumbling around on the grass, my 4 boys and my husband. Even our little Ledger has the Zombie walk down. 🧟 

So when we were told about a new show coming out for kids called Zo Zo Zombie that has a friendly zombie as the main character, we were ready to dive in and see what it was all about. And I wanted to share for anyone else whose zombie loving kids might want to check it out too!

We were sent a fun box to celebrate the launch of the new Spin Master show. The box included Zo Zo Zombie Hot Chocolate Mix, Blood Red icing, Candy Eyeballs, Gummy Body parts, bandaids, and three lollipops: Barf, Booger and Blood. 😝 Gross, right? But of course my boys thought it was funny and the flavors were actually Rootbeer, Sour Apple and Cherry.

My boys had fun trying the body part candy and eyeballs and then we added bandaids with red icing to look like blood.  

Zo Zo Zombie is a new show that you can find on YouTube and Crunchy Roll. The show is launching in April and will have new episodes rolling out all year long. 

Zo Zo Zombie isn't your average kid, in fact, you could call him the world's friendliest Zombie.  He is a cross between a boy scout and some one who wants to make sure the underdog triumphs. 

This show isn't like other Zombie shows and is full of gags. Zo Zo can also use his organs to get himself out of some sticky situations. 😝 His adventures usually end up getting him into trouble and losing his limbs by trying to help. 

My boys thought the show was so funny and said Zo Zo was an awesome character. They thought the snake zombie was really cool and the ninja zombie was really funny. They laughed quite a bit and are looking forward to next weeks episode. I snapped this photo while they were watching the show.

One more look at this fun box and the cool characters on the inside.

Head over to the show's YouTube channel and subscribe so you don't miss out on new weekly episodes of Zo Zo Zombie.


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