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December 14, 2020

 We recently celebrated my littlest guys' second birthday and now Christmas is right around the corner. So I wanted to share some of our favorite finds and gift ideas for older babies and toddlers. We love hands on and play based learning, so most of our favorites fall into that category. You can find them all here or the individual links below each picture. Toddler Gift Ideas Enjoy!

Shape Sorter Xylophone and Piano from Hape:

Little ones can sort shapes and make music with the Shape Shorter Xylophone and Piano from Hape. It is a colorful xylophone and piano that encourages them to explore colors and shapes while making music with every puzzle piece they complete. My little guy just turned two and has fun playing with this toy. I think it would be great for a 1st birthday present or gift idea for an older baby or toddler. 

Find it here: Shape Sorter Xylophone


Ledger’s adorable outfit is from @imagikids and was a big hit when we played in Downtown Disney at the @lego store. He also danced a lot and waved to everyone passing by. I adore this little beast. 

Find it here: Beast outfit

Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Puppy:

This adorable little puppy is also available in a zebra. My little guy loved to bounce and spin on this toy while the music played and the lights flashed. 

Find it here: Bounce and Spin

Wonder Space Ball Pit:

How many kids can you fit in a ball pit? Well my boys have no concept of personal space, so I guess 4 is the answer. 😆 Good thing they like each other. 

Also, my house will never be clean so why not embrace the chaos and add 800 balls to the ball pit. Welcome to crazy town! Who wants to come play? 

Find it here: Ball Pit


I love watching them play together and they are all loving these toys from @lovevery. I got the babbler box for Ledger and the blocks set for Luke, but clearly these toys have no age limit because Landon and Linkin have played with them every day since we got them. My boys enjoyed them so much that we got a second play kit box (The Companion Play Kit) and The Buddy Stroller. If you haven’t checked out this brand, it’s a must!

Find it on their website or here: Lovevery

IVI World 3D Carpet:

 Next up is a 3D play carpet from @ivi3dplaycarpets . My boys have played with it every day since we got it and even if they take breaks from playing on it, they are laying on it because it is so soft. It is designed to encourage imagination and interactive play and is made of 100% polypropylene high quality wool-like material that was chosen for its hygienic properties. They also have other cute designs like a city or a beach house. 

Find it here: 3D Carpet

Cassaro Kids Tower Slide:

What can be better than sliding into a new week with a smile and some fun. Ledger is loving his Climbing Play Tower with Slide and Chalkboard from @cassarokids. They have a fun variety of natural play furniture for little ones. 

Find it here: Cassaro Kids Play Tower

Wiggle Car:

The biggest hit from my little guy to my teenage nieces and nephews. We got one for Luke (our now 6 year old) last Christmas and every single kid there had a blast riding it, including the teens. Ledger was 1 at the time and even he loved it and was able to ride it like a push toy. A total blast for the kids and the adults watching. I have so many fun videos of all the kids on them, but here are a couple pictures for reference.
Find it here: wiggle car


The coolest little dude on the block! Ledger is riding in style in his @smartrike. Before we got this trike, he was always trying to get on his big brothers bikes. Now he is loving having his very own. And my favorite part is this smartrike folds up like a stroller so I can easily take it with us anywhere. I can also switch back and forth between him having the control or me controlling it with one little click. It also grows with your little one. There are so many great features about these trikes and I highly recommend them for your little ones.

Find it here: Smartrike

Ride On Jeep:

Lastly, I wanted to share this super fun ride on jeep that Ledger got for his birthday from Grandpa and Grandpa. It is unique because it comes with a remote control. So he can either drive the jeep himself or one of his big brothers (or mom/dad) can drive it for him while he can sit back and enjoy the ride. It also has sounds and LED lights. 

You can find it here: Ride On Jeep

I hope this list has helped give you a few gift ideas for the little ones in your life. Stay tuned for a list of our favorite gift ideas for preschool and elementary aged kids. Happy Holidays!

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  1. These are all such fun and fantastic ideas specially for the holidays. Thanks you so much you sharing them with us


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