Disney Secrets of Sulphur Springs

January 27, 2021

Disney Channel has a new show that is sure to become a new family favorite. After one week my boys and I were hooked! If you haven't seen it yet, you can catch up on Disney Channel on DisneyNOW. There is a new episode coming this Friday and you don't want to miss it. There is comedy, adventure and unsolved mysteries that will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next!

Set in the fictional Louisiana town of Sulphur Springs, the series follows 12-year-old Griffin Campbell whose world has been upended by his father, Ben. Ben has moved the family from Chicago to take ownership of an abandoned hotel property, The Tremont. The Campbell family, which also includes Griffin's mother, Sarah, and his younger twin siblings Wyatt and Zoey, moves into the Tremont in hopes of restoring the lively vacation destination it once was. On his first day at his new school, Griffin hears that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Savannah, a girl who disappeared decades ago. He soon meets and befriends Harper, a thrill-seeking classmate, and soon they discover a secret portal that allows them to travel back in time and uncover clues about the town mystery. 

Source: Disney

We had a special early screening of this weeks episode and it is a show that both parents and kids can enjoy together. While we watched this weeks episode, we enjoyed some delicious cupcakes from Dots and it was fun to see some of the actors from the show on them. Can you spot each of them? Here's a hint: Madeleine McGraw, Kyleigh Curran, Preston Oliver, Elle Graham and Landon Gordon.

And a fun little addition to watching the show is the DisneyNOW app has a new game, Mystery at The Tremont, where you can explore Sulphur Springs in an interactive adventure. It has puzzles, hidden objects and mini-games to play. If you have ever wished you could jump into your favorite tv show, well now you can experience that and be a part of the Sulphur Springs adventure. 

Photo Credit: Disney

Here is the trailer for Secrets of Sulphur Springs and be sure to watch the new episode this Friday January 29th at 8pm on Disney Channel. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new Disney Channel show. Enjoy the adventure!

Here are a few quotes from my boys about the show:

"It's a cool time traveling detective show." - Landon age 11

"Ahhh man, now we have to wait until next week to see what happens?!" - Linkin age 9

"Why is it over? I wanted to watch more!" - Luke age 6

"You never know what is going to happen next... that's why it's so cool!" - Landon age 11

A big thank you to Disney Channel for the special screening and the delicious treats. We are counting the days until the next episode!

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Oroweat Organic Bread

January 25, 2021

 *This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Oroweat Organic Bread

Everything is better when you put a little Disney spin on it. So today for lunch we tried a nutritious new bread from Oroweat Bread.https://www.oroweat.com/organic They have a delicious USDA Organic bread that features Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. It not only tastes great but is sustainably baked using renewable wind energy. The boys loved seeing the cute packaging with some of their favorite Disney characters. I struggle to find nutritious foods that Ledger will eat, but he ate this bread straight out of the bag and didn’t even ask to put anything on it. That is a big win in our house!

My little chef Linkin asked if he could make all of us a special lunch. He loves to be creative in the kitchen and surprise us. He had so much fun using the Mickey cookie cutters to make Disney’s Mickey Mouse shaped PB&J sandwiches for everyone in our family. Luke’s face when he saw the finished Mickey shaped sandwich that his big brother made for him was too cute! I was lucky to snap a couple quick pictures of his sandwich before he scarfed it down and then asked for another one. 


The Oroweat Organic White Made with Whole Wheat Bread is Plant-based and Non-GMO Project Verified, which is something we always look for in nutritious products for our boys. My boys can be picky eaters and they all loved this bread. It has a soft a smooth texture which is important for my boys because the texture of foods can turn them off in an instant. 


Something I never knew before and wanted to share is The Disney Check. You can see it on the corner of this picture and it is a quick and easy way for families to identify nutritious choices in stores. Also keep that in mind when you are at live-event venues, online and at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. All foods featuring the Disney Check meet the company’s Nutrition Guidelines. The Oroweat Organic White Made with Whole Wheat Bread is a good source of Vitamins A, D and E. Oroweat Organic White Made with Whole Wheat Bread is a tasty new choice for families looking for a nutritious bread with that little extra touch of Disney magic. 


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