Time After Time

March 12, 2021

 It's Here! It's Here! The Finale of our new favorite family show Secrets of Sulphur Springs. If you haven't been watching, you can catch up now on Disney Plus or DisneyNOW. If you love suspense, mystery, time-travel and trying to solve clues... this is the show for you! And the best part is it is one you can enjoy with your kids. My boys are 6, 9 and 11 and we all anxiously await the weekly episodes to see if any of our theories are correct. Let me tell you a little more about Disney Channel's first ever time-traveling mystery series. 

A little background on the show:

Set in the fiction Louisiana town of Sulphur Springs, the series follows 12-year-old Griffin Campbell whose world has been upended by his father, Ben. Ben has moved the family from Chicago to take ownership of an abandoned hotel property, The Tremont. The Campbell family, which also includes Griffin's mother, Sarah, and his younger twin siblings Wyatt and Zoey, moves into the Tremont in hopes of restoring the lively vacation destination it once was. On his first day at his new school, Griffin hears that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Savannah, a girl who disappeared decades ago. He soon meets and befriends Harper, a thrill-seeking classmate, and soon they discover a secret portal that allows them to travel back in time and uncover clues about the town mystery. 

Source: Disney

Now let's catch up on what has happened so far...

Secrets of Sulphur Springs is a time-travel mystery series that the whole family can enjoy and it premiered Friday, January 15th.  

Episode 1, "Once Upon a Time"
Griffin and his family move to a new town and take ownership of an abandoned hotel in hopes of restoring it back to the lively vacation destination it once was. Griffin learns about Savannah, a girl who disappeared when his dad was a kid.

Episode 2, "Somewhere in Time" 
Griffin and Harper realize they have time traveled to the time before Savannah's disappearance. When they go back again, they think they see Savannah getting taken into the woods.

Episode 3, "Straight Outta Time"
Griffin and Harper learn the camp dance is coming up, and that is the day Savannah went missing! Harper meets Jess (her mom as a kid) and finds out her mom did go to camp and hated Savannah.

Episode 4, "Time to Face the Music"
Harper and Griffin learn that Young Jess rigged the talent show out of her hatred for Savannah. They vow to go back through the portal and stop Jess from causing Savannah's disappearance. 

Episode 5, "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time"
Ben convinces Savannah to go to the dance despite Griffin trying to stop her.  Jess has a plan for the dance, but does it go the way she is hoping?

Episode 6, "Time Warped"
Jess dares Savannah to spend the night in The Tremont basement... Will Savannah do it?!!

Episode 7, "Long Time Gone"
Griffin and Harper sneak back through the portal to find a search party looking for Savannah. 

Episode 8: Griffin and Harper realize that Savannah could have found the portal and traveled back in time too. They decide to go back in time another 30 years to 1960.

Episode 9: Griffin and Harper use the old radio in the hidden room to lead them back to Savannah. 

Episode 10: Griffin and Harper travel back in time again hoping to find more answers.

Episode 11: The Season Finale is here! Harper goes back in time by herself to find her dad. Will he take her on a ride down memory lane? Who else will they meet in this episode? Will they find any ghosts? So many questions... so little time.

Watch it this Friday, March 13th on the Disney Channel to see what Secrets are revealed! All I will say is I really hope there is a Season 2 and that it doesn't take too long to come out because my boys and I will be anxiously waiting. 😉

We also had the chance to interview a few of the actors from Secrets of Sulphur Springs through zoom this week. We were joined by Elle Graham (Savannah), Preston Oliver (Griffin) and Kyliegh Curran (Harper) after we watched the sneak peek of the finale with a great group of mom bloggers and their families. My son Link had a great question to ask the Disney Channel cast. See the video below for the question and the very cool answer they shared with us. 

IG pages for the cast and mom bloggers that joined us: @ellecharlottegraham @preston_oliver @kylieghcurran @monicaplus_2 @christina.patricio @kristincruz @popcornandtatertots @OCBoysLife @belairmommie @caseydacanay  @casey_dacanay @monicazyoung @the.real.la.mama @sweet.p.and.sky @thesweetertasteoflife @thepositivemom

A special thank you to Disney Channel PR and Kristin Cruz for this weeks special delivery. Did any of you have a caboodle growing up? I know I did and I loved mine! This time though, I'm sure mine will be used for an army base or legos thanks to my boys. Life sure has changed for me, but I wouldn't want to share my new caboodle with anyone else. 💙

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  1. Can’t wait to watch the finale! Such an amazing show and so fun to be able to interview the cast . Love the episode recaps too!


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